Flickr Feature

On March 24th, I uploaded this picture to my Flickr Photostream. It’s a little different than my usual style because I was experimenting with a crystal that I found on Amazon after studying the work of Sam Hurd. After uploading the picture that night, I awoke the next morning to a lot of new notifications from Flickr. At first, I figured that I had been fortunate enough to upload it at just the right time to get a lot of attention, but there were several comments from people mentioning that they had seen it on the Explore page. I’m not exactly sure how photos are selected, but the Explore section is the daily feature section where the most popular images of the day are displayed. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the attention I received on one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever shot! 

The special attention and glory isn’t the reason I became a photographer, but it’s a wonderful feeling to create content that a lot of people like.  

The image above can be viewed on my Flickr here.

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